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WSIP certified irrigation contractors – City of Hamilton

Only certified irrigation contractors can provide a WSIP check-up. Below is a list of the current WSIP certified contractors that can provide service in Carlisle. More contractors will be added as they are certified. Call them directly to make your appointment.

8 Days a Week Arizona angus
8 Days a Week Inc. Arizona Outdoor Solutions Angus Irrigation
905-628-3297 905-627-7485 905-544-3631 or 1-800-661-9569     

Gelderman Nutri Raincentre Irrigation Contractors
Gelderman Landscape Services      Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation Raincentre Irrigation Contractors
905-689-5433 or 1-800-667-0644 905-632-2445 905-689-7161

Raintree Select Sprinklers Turf
 Raintree Irrigation and Outdoor Systems Select Sprinklers Turf Systems Inc.
905-545-1323 or 1-877-545-1323 1-800-465-7611 1-877-336-7555

Wetlands Irrigation Incorporated
Water Your World Inc. Wetlands Irrigation Incorporated
 1-800-870-6612 905-689-0613

City of Hamilton