What is Involved in an Assessment?

WSIP certified contractors get the best out of your irrigation system and help you maintain beautiful curb appeal while lowering your water consumption and costs.

During an irrigation assessment a WSIP certified contractor will:

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Step 3

WSIP certified contractors will complete a zone by zone analysis that will identify any opportunities for irrigation scheduling and system efficiency upgrades.

The assessment involves site analysis, system measurements and data collection including:

  • Zone water pressure
  • Placement and flow rate of sprinkler heads
  • Landscape type and sun exposure
  • The amount of sun exposure per zone
  • Square footage of landscape
  • Weekly application rates

WSIP Certified Contractors compile data and complete a report using a specialized WSIP Data Manager.

The WSIP Data Manager will:

  • Outline how much water your system is currently using and the amount required to maintain the health and appearance of your landscape
  • Outline the potential savings and associated return on investment by improving your system with efficient scheduling, and hardware or controller upgrades
  • Create a customized irrigation watering schedule that is tailored to your property’s landscape

The goal of the assessment is to identify cost effective ways to increase the efficiency of your system and reduce water waste. The return on investment section of the report will help you to identify and prioritize areas in need of improvement.

A WSIP assessment can:

  • Identify potential water and money saving opportunities
  • Help maximize the life and performance of your irrigation system
  • Ensure the health and beauty of your landscape while saving money
  • Introduce technology to help you reach your environmental goals